Tips & Hints for Buyers

Buyer Counseling Session

Contact us to get the ball rolling. We will set up a convenient time to meet and determine your wants and needs, to learn about your goals and give you an overview of the process. Buying a home is a complicated process and even if you have purchased several homes in the past, the process changes. We can give you advice while making the process smooth.

Get Pre-Qualified

It is important that you visit with a lender to get pre-qualified before you start looking at homes. Your lender can give you advice on what particular loan program is right for you, your maximum loan amount, what your loan cost and closing costs will be, and what your monthly payment will be on a hypothetical home. This gives you the information necessary to confidently move forward with your search. Also, having a pre-qualification letter will give you more credibility with the seller.


Looking at properties is the fun part! After determining your desired monthly payment and amenities, we can select properties that meet your criteria. We will supply you with information needed to help you make an informed decision, but the choice of your dream home is entirely up to you. 

Contract to Closing

We will guide you through the process of writing and negotiating the offer, and getting through the maze of loan application, appraisal and inspections to arrive at moving day!  We have the training, experience and expertise to make the process smooth and enjoyable.

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