Kansas Firefighters Museum 1300 S. Broadway

One hundred years ago, there were no firetrucks, just horses, wagons and firefighters. Engine House No. 6 was the last horsedrawn station in Wichita. By 1918 the horses were gone, and Wichita had become the first all-mechanized fire department in the United States and the second in the world.  Wichita Kansas Fire Department's Engine House No. 6 opened in 1909. It was the last horse drawn fire station in Wichita to switch to motor vehicles in 1918, and continued to operate until 1953. In 1993 the building was restored and became the Kansas Firefighters Museum. Firehouse Number Six was placed on the National and Kansas Registers of Historic Places in 1994.

In addition to the fire vehicles, the upstairs of the Kansas Firefighters Museum is filled with displays of fire helmets, uniforms, badges, caps, wooden water mains, hydrants, nozzles, alarms, leather buckets, extinguishers, ladders, toys, fire related photographs, and fire manuals.

The memorial garden south of the Kansas Firefighters Museum was dedicated in June, 2002. The garden includes a wall with the names of Kansas fallen firefighters, a courtyard of engraved bricks donated by family and friends and "Last Call," a life sized statue of a firefighter holding a fallen firefighter.  http://www.kansastravel.org/wichita/kansasfirefightersmuseum.htm

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